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2009-10-21 08:24:03 by MRXII

I have been scouted (In the Art section), and then without any notice unscouted. Then I got scouted again, and seems like that I'm unscouted, again. I have not broken any rules, have I?

FAQ: Art

Q: Can I be unscouted?

A: If you break the rules or simply submit bad art - stick drawings, circles and squares, etc. - you will be unscouted. Your bad art will remain on your user page but art that breaks the rules will be removed.

Q: What are the rules for the Art Portal?

A: The rules are:

* No photographs! We recognize photography as an artistic endeavor, but we're not including it in our Art Portal.
* You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting.
* Racist or hateful material will be removed.
* Illegal material will be removed.
* We try to be tolerant, but reserve the right to draw the line on adult material. In general, funny stuff gets a pass but downright pervert-bate may cross the line.

My art isn't stick drawings nor circles or squares.
My art isn't photographs (Expect the TARDIS, wich is a photomanip with the model as main part)
I am the creator of my art.
My art isn't racistic.
My art doesn't break any laws = not illegal.
My art doesn't contain any adult material.

Have I understood the scouting wrong, and it's actually just for one day?


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2009-10-21 12:19:01

don't feel bad I was the guy who scouted ya, and look at me now, another bum in the gutter, as is the guy who scouted me, and so on and so forth.
What is sad is, although I don't have a quick temper, these damn games the Portal keeps playing has started to royally piss me off.

: fuck it, lets burn this mother down spanky!

MRXII responds:



2009-10-22 00:28:26

If both of you were scouted then maybe the original scouter got removed. I think Some accounts were hacked like a month ago, so maybe that was the problem. Just make sure your next scouter has a good line and all the people above you seem legit and have good or at least decent work. It's still a work in progress, i'm sure they will end up altering the scouting system anyways.

MRXII responds:

Ah, thanks for the useful info!


2009-10-23 17:02:34

Heh, I love your artwork!

MRXII responds: